With every financial decision comes questions.  How much do you need to save for a comfortable retirement? What size mortgage can you afford in order to purchase a new home? Our quick and simple calculators will help you make the right decisions to meet your financial goals.

All of our calculators are listed here. Some will help you save, and some will help you borrow. If you still have questions, your local branch can provide the advice you need.

Budget Worksheet

Our simplified budget worksheet will help you stay on track each month.

Mortgage Calculator

Our 4-in-1 Mortgage Calculator determines how much you can borrow, your estimated mortgage payment, your amortization schedule for payments and which mortgage product is right for you.

Loan Calculator

Our Loan Calculator determines the amount you can borrow and what your repayment schedule might be.

Retirement Planner

Our Retirement Planner Calculator determines the amount of savings that you'll need to retire comfortably.

RRIF Calculator

Our Retirement Income Fund Calculator provides withdrawal minimums and payment options based on the consumption and length of the investment.

Foreign Exchange Calculator

Our Canadian/US Dollar Foreign Exchange Calculator helps you convert the cost of buying and selling.

Education Savings Calculator

Our Registered Education Savings Plan Calculator helps to determine the cost of a child's post-secondary education and outlines the savings required.

Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator helps you determine the amount, through individual contributions and interest, that you can save over time.

TFSA Calculator

Our Tax-Free Savings Account Calculator helps to quantify the financial benefits of investing through TFSAs when investment income is shielded from taxes.