A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a government endorsed plan for the purpose of providing a beneficiary with funding for post-secondary studies. Contributions to this type of plan are not tax deductible, but income and grants that build up in the plan are sheltered from tax until they are withdrawn to pay for the beneficiary's eligible post-secondary education. A Kawartha Credit Union RESP is the smartest way to save for your family's future.

The cost of a university or college education in the year 2018 could be as high as $100,000*.

In this day and age, a post secondary education is necessary to compete in the job market. With tuition on the rise, there is no way of knowing how much it will actually cost once your child is ready for their post-secondary education. Fortunately, this is where Kawartha Credit Union comes into the picture. With our Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP) Kawartha Credit Union can help you save the money.

*Figure obtained from Human Resources Development Canada. Calculation is based on the current estimated cost of $58,527 for a four-year university education away from home adjusted by HRDC estimates of 3% increase per year.