Online Banking

The Benefits of Online Banking

Now you can bank anytime from your computer, laptop or tablet - anywhere you have a web broswer.

Many of the benefits of doing your banking online are obvious:
• You don't have to wait in line.
• You don't have to plan your day around branch hours.
• You can look at your balance whenever you want, not just when you get a statement.

Online banking allows you to watch your money on a daily basis if you want to. By keeping close tabs on your funds, you'll always be aware of what's happening in your bank account.

Getting started

Want to register for online banking? You can do so by visiting a branch or calling our Contact Centre at 1.855.670.0510.

Once you register, you'll have the choice of doing just basic banking and viewing your balance or doing more involved transactions like bill payments and transfers. The choice is yours. It really depends on how you like to bank.

What to expect

Here are some of the features available through online banking:

View balances: Checking your balance doesn't require much work. You simply select My Accounts for an account summary. If you have more than one account, you can also do transfers between accounts.

Pay bills: To pay your bills online, you just need to add to your account the names of the companies you wish to pay bills to. In the Payments section, select Add payees, search for the name of the company and fill in the account number for each company.

Transfer funds: When you select Transfer Funds, you'll be asked where to transfer the money to and from, when, and the amount.

Set up recurring bill payments or transfers: If you make a regular payment every month, it might be convenient to set up an automatic withdrawal from your account.

Send and receive an INTERAC e-Transfer:
You can receive transfers from other people's accounts, or set up transfers from your account to someone else's. The recipient will get an e-mail notifying them of the transaction. It's a fast, safe and simple way to send funds. Learn more here.

Order cheques:
We don't need them much anymore due to online banking and debit purchases, but if you still use cheques, you can order them directly from the Kawartha website.


If you have been receiving paper statements you can now review your account activity through online banking. Monthly e-statements will reflect your account activity from the first to the end of each month. This service is optional. Please ask to be set-up at your local branch or through our contact centre.