We’re introducing Palm scanners in our branches in November

Introducing Palm Scanner Technology – Fast, Easy and Secure Identification

When we upgrade our banking system in November, we will implement state-of-the-art biometric palm scanner technology. Palm scanners can reduce your transaction times and make your banking experience faster and more convenient. It can also provide increased data security protection for you.

How does it work?

By simply holding your palm over the infrared sensing device, in less than a minute your unique palm vein pattern will be encrypted and stored as an electronic signature matched to your account information. The next time you visit a branch you can simply hold your palm over the scanner and your identity will be validated immediately. The scanner allows us to accurately and securely identify you each time you visit a branch to conduct financial transactions.

Is it safe?

There are no health implications in using the palm scanner. It uses the same kind of infrared light that allows your television remote control to change channels. Infrared light is also used medicinally to treat a variety of dermatological conditions and to stimulate healing.

Is it secure?

Palm vein scanning is a secure and highly reliable method of identification being used by financial institutions. Veins are “hidden” under the skin, making forgery virtually impossible. In fact, there are five million verification points in your palm: your vein patterns are as unique as your fingerprints and they remain the same throughout your lifetime. Please be assured that your palm scan will be stored in Kawartha’s secure data centre and, like your signature today, will never be shared outside of our organization.

When will palm scanners be implemented in Kawartha’s branches?

This exciting new technology will be available after November 21, 2018. Please note that Kawartha will still be able to verify your identification at your branch through traditional means if you prefer.